"Tim Moody - What a brave goalie - but wait - look closer!"
"No.. no.. no - Closer!"
"Now that's a brave goalie!!"

"When I grow up I wanna be a figure skater!"

Mr. Stuart Keenan - Beer Critic.

Steve Graham in a happy moment. Rick Junkin would be proud.

Dave French - can anyone ever tell what's on a goalie's mind?

The twins.

Can anyone spot the Habs fan?

Brian isn't here with the sweaters.
Isn't he a planner?
Why isn't he here?
What will we do?
Don't worry Harold.
We can wear the special occasion white PROHL sweaters.
They smell really nice.
Can I lend you a smile - PHL says it is a nice smile.

How many PROHL hockey playes fit into one crease?

See Paul Smile

if you google "speedy left winger" you get the image below

The photographer was fortunate to get this
picture while Bob was skating full speed

or was that "beer guzzling wannabe"...

Carl said he should only be displayed
if he was shown with hair....