"Tim Moody - What a brave goalie - but wait - look closer!"
"No.. no.. no - Closer!"
"Now that's a brave goalie!!"

"When I grow up I wanna be a figure skater!"

Mr. Stuart Keenan - Beer Critic.

Steve Graham in a happy moment. Rick Junkin would be proud.

Dave French - can anyone ever tell what's on a goalie's mind?

The twins.

Can anyone spot the Habs fan?

Brian isn't here with the sweaters.
Isn't he a planner?
Why isn't he here?
What will we do?
Don't worry Harold.
We can wear the special occasion white PROHL sweaters.
They smell really nice.
Can I lend you a smile - PHL says it is a nice smile.

How many PROHL hockey playes fit into one crease?

See Paul Smile